Air conditioning systems are complicated. It takes plenty of education and experience to master the art of repairing home AC systems, so it’s easy to understand why the average homeowner would have a lot of questions when their system stops delivering cold air. One of those questions we hear frequenty; is a home ac compressor replacement possible without replacing the other equipment? whether the outside compressor unit can be replaced without having to replace the rest of the system. Let’s take a quick look at that question in this article.

home ac compressor replacement

In Many Cases, the Answer is No You Can’t Just Replace The Compressor Unit

While it might seem simple enough to just swap out the outside compressor unit for a new one and fire up the air conditioner once again, these systems aren’t that simple. American Standard refers to the outside ac compressor as the “heart of the ac system”.Even if the indoor part of the system is working just fine, it is meant to be paired with that outdoor compressor that is no longer functional.

This is a problem because your system may already be at least a few years old, if not much older. So, trying to track down a compressor that fits with the current system and can just be swapped in might be a challenge (and might be more trouble than it’s worth). Instead, just replacing the whole system could get you up and running faster, even if you don’t love the idea of replacing the part of the system that is still functioning.

Remember the Wear and Tear

Even if the indoor portion of the system is working okay now, remember that it is still a used component. For example, if your air conditioning system is 15 years old, those indoor components have 15 years’ worth of wear and tear on the parts. So, you shouldn’t expect that portion of the system to last forever, meaning you might have to come back soon and have that part replaced. If your home was built before 2005, its safe to say you may need an entire ac replacement. Instead of that hassle, and potentially greater total cost in the end, replacing everything all at once is often the best approach.

An Exception

The notable exception to what we’ve discussed so far is when the outside compressor unit fails on a relatively new system. If you need home ac compressor replacement on a system that has only be in use for a couple of years or so, it might be possible to find the matching compressor to swap in. For example, if your unit is under warranty, the manufacturer might be willing and able to just send out that same compressor to be replaced. Be sure to ask about this possibility if the repair work will be performed on a pretty new system.

Make the Call

Air conditioning repair is not something that you should take on as a DIY project. These systems are too complicated for that approach, and you could even put yourself in a dangerous situation depending on what you try to fix. As a better choice, contact Total Air Masters right away for home AC compressor replacement. Our experienced and professional team will answer your questions and complete this job in a timely manner. We hope to hear from you today!