ac blower motor replacement

The blower plays an integral role in a home air conditioning system. When working properly, the blower is what moves cool air through the ducts and into the home – so you can thank it when you feel that lovely stream of cool air coming from your vents. Of course, all pieces of equipment can run into trouble, so AC blower motor replacement is occasionally required. Trane, one of our ac manufacturers states that, “routine preventative maintance is essential”.

ac blower motor replacement

If you suspect that your AC blower motor is bad, or your AC isn’t working properly and you don’t know what the problem may be, contact us today for assistance.

Typical AC Blower Motor Wear and Tear

There is one main reason for a blower motor needing to be replaced – wear and tear. As the hot days add up and your air conditioner does more and more work, the blower motor will gradually wear out. If your system has been in use for many years, the motor may simply not have any more to give. Nothing lasts forever, and an ac blower motor replacement is a repair task that becomes likely after a system has been in place for a long time.

Of course, in addition to wear and tear, it’s also possible for your ac blower motor to encounter a mechanical problem that requires it to be replaced. Either way, you’ll want to work with professionals to have this work completed promptly and correctly.

Watching for Trouble

Paying attention to the performance of your air conditioner is the best way to notice when a repair is required. In the case of the blower motor, there are a few potential indicators that something is wrong.

  • No air! Okay – so this one is pretty obvious. If there is no air flowing out of your vents when the air conditioner is on, you’ll know something is wrong. Don’t make the mistake of trying to diagnose or fix the problem yourself, as ac systems are complicated and can be dangerous to work on without the right equipment and training. Just call us to figure out if you are dealing with a broken blower motor or another issue.
  • Lackluster performance. It may be that your blower is still working somewhat, but not up to its full capacity. In this case, you might find that you feel some air coming from the vents, but it’s not nearly what it should be when the system is working correctly.
  • It’s loud. Over time, you get used to the normal sounds that your air conditioner makes while operating. If you start to hear loud, unpleasant sounds coming from your system, you’ll want to have that investigated right away.

No Time to Waste If you find yourself in the position of seeking an AC blower motor replacement in the middle of the summer, you probably won’t be alone in the repair line. Our summers are busy as we serve customers who need to get their systems back up and running as soon as possible. With that in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you realize there is a problem.