ac thermostat replacement

Modern technology has made nearly every area of life more convenient, and that includes how you manage your HVAC system. Rather than needing to physically interact with your thermostat to adjust your air conditioner, you can now do so remotely through a Wi-Fi connection. One of our manufacturers in Honeywell, and they say you can “take control of your home comfort and save on energy cost”. An AC thermostat replacement is a quick and easy upgrade to your AC system that you’ll enjoy for years to come. To have this work performed by a trusted and experienced team, contact TAM A/C and Heat for assistance.

ac thermostat replacement

Your AC Thermostat Replacement Has Many Benefits

If you are on the fence about adding this upgrade to your HVAC system, consider the following benefits –

  • Change the temperature when you aren’t home. This is a big one, especially in a place that can get as hot as Texas in the summer. If you are going on vacation, for example, you’ll be able to access your thermostat while you are gone to make any adjustments that are necessary. On your way home and want to cool the house down for your arrival? Just open your app and make the necessary changes with a few taps of the screen.
  • Optimize operations. Big swings in temperature will cause your HVAC system to use far more energy than is necessary to cool (or heat) your home. You can turn to a smart thermostat for help as you build a schedule that keeps your home in a comfortable range while minimizing how much you must spend on energy. It’s easy to set up schedules for various days of the week to match your family’s lifestyle.
  • Gain insights. You might be surprised to see just how much useful information can be provided by a smart thermostat. After you have used the system for a while, it may be able to make recommendations that will help you further optimize how your system runs each day.

An Affordable AC System Upgrade

With so much to offer, you might expect to pay a big price for this kind of system, but they are surprisingly affordable. The exact price will depend on which thermostat you select, but most are quite reasonable considering the many features they deliver. Keep in mind, we’ll give you a free wifi thermostat with an AC system replacement. Additionally, since they are so easy to install, you won’t incur big service costs related to this project. If you have been thinking about making this addition to your home but always assumed it was too expensive, reach out for a quote right away – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

More Than a Convenience Sure, it’s convenient to be able to control your AC system with a Wi-Fi thermostat, and everyone appreciates adding a little bit of convenience to their life. But this upgrade is about more than just saving time – you can more easily optimize the performance of your system when you have this greater level of control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment for AC thermostat replacement, contact TAM A/C and Heat today.