ac duct repair

Air ducts play an important, yet often overlooked, role in the way your air conditioning system performs. As the ducts are the path that cool air takes to enter the various rooms in your home or commercial building, it’s essential that these ducts are in good condition. Carrier, one of our ac manufacturers defines air ducts as “flexible tubing used to transfer warm or cool air”. Damaged, dirty, or broken ducts are sure to lead to decreased performance from your system. Reach out to TAM A/C and Heat to learn more about our AC duct repair services.

ac duct repair

The Basic Problem

The main issue with the accumulation of dirt and dust in your ducts is obvious – you can’t see it happening. Since the ducts are likely tucked out of sight in your home, you don’t see them, and you don’t think about them often. They carry the air around, but they do it without being noticed. Even if you happen to have exposed ducts, you don’t see the inside, and that’s where the accumulation is happening. American Standard says, there may be holes or barriers within the ductwork preventing air flow“.

Most homeowners never stop to think about ac duct repair for this reason. There are plenty of things around the house that can be seen and need attention, so it’s easy to ignore that which is out of sight. To provide your air conditioning system with the care it needs, put ac duct repair and maintenance on your list of things to check in on periodically.

Pay Attention to This Sign

You don’t have to go crawling around the attic of your home to spot signs of trouble with your ducts. In fact, you may be able to determine that something is wrong just while going about day-to-day life. Specifically, pay attention to any areas of the house that don’t seem to be cooling down like usual.

For example, if your air conditioning is working well in most of your home, but one or two rooms aren’t cooling down, the problem could be damage to an air duct. The duct that serves that part of the house may be leaking, and the cold air isn’t making it all the way to the vent as a result. Having that duct repaired properly could be all it takes to get your air conditioning performance back to an ideal level.

One other sign to keep in mind is any dust or small debris coming out of your air vents. The air that flows out of your vents should be clean, as it had to pass through a filter as part of the air circulation process. When you see that the air is not clean, that’s a strong sign that your ductwork is damaged.

air duct repair

We Are Here to Help

You might already know that you have damaged ductwork that needs to be repaired, or you may simply suspect a problem based on the lagging performance of your system. Whatever the case, AC duct repair starts with a call to TAM A/C and Heat for assistance. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your situation or schedule an appointment. The sooner you address this issue, the sooner you can go back to enjoying cool air flowing throughout your building once again.