Have you recently noticed that the cool air flowing into your home is not as cold as it used to be? This lackluster performance from your AC system could be related to a refrigerant leak. Unfortunately, refrigerant leaks can be hard to spot for the average homeowner, so your best bet is to bring in a professional team like us to deal with this problem. We are experienced with home AC condenser leak repair, so you can expect us to provide excellent results for a fair price.

Looking for the Signs

We mentioned above that you might notice a problem with your air conditioning system when the air just isn’t as cold as it should be. That’s an easy one to spot, but there are some other problems that could point to the need for home ac condenser leak repair.

  • Icy buildup. Another easy sign to spot is when there is frost on your evaporator coils. If you happen to walk by your outdoor unit and see that some ice has developed, that’s a sign that you’ll want to have the entire system inspected. The problem could be a refrigerant leak, or it could be one of several other issues. Either way, calling TAM A/C and Heat is the right move.
  • A costly bill. You might not notice there is a problem until your monthly utility bill arrives. If you see a sudden jump in how much it costs to run your air conditioner for a month, that is a potential sign of trouble (unless it’s been unusually hot, and the system has just been running more). Leaking refrigerant pulls down the efficiency of your air conditioning, forcing it to work harder to cool down the space, and your bill goes up as a result.
  • The house feels humid. One of the great things about having an air conditioner is how it brings down the humidity in an indoor space. This can dramatically improve the comfort of the space, but you’ll lose some of this performance if the refrigerant is leaking. If you notice that your home feels stuffy even when the air conditioning is running, a refrigerant leak could be to blame.

No Time to Waste

Don’t wait around wondering if you should call for help regarding this potential leak. The longer it goes, the worse it is going to get – and you could be racking up some sizeable utility bills along the way. Refrigerant isn’t designed to run out, as the ac unit isn’t designed to require constant recharging. Amana, one of our main ac equipment manufacturers states that, “an air conditioner is not designed to consume refrigerant”. It would be easy enough to keep putting off this matter, but that won’t solve the problem. The sooner you bring in the professionals, the sooner your system can be back to operating properly.

Let’s Figure It Out

When your AC system is not living up to expectations, it could be that a refrigerant leak is to blame – or it could be something else entirely. The best course of action here is to use TAM A/C and Heat to identify the problem right away. You may need home AC condenser lead repair, or your system may need another fix. Either way, we are the right team for the job, so call us today!